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Welcome to Neo Gen Screening, Inc.

Neo Gen Screening is a modern, state-of-the-art, newborn screening laboratory that offers the most comprehensive testing programs for newborns anywhere in the world. Our programs are innovative so that we are able to offer the highest quality of analytical testing for the lowest possible costs. The staff at Neo Gen Screening is composed of the following: scientists with specialties in biochemistry, molecular biology, and mass spectrometry; clinical consultants with backgrounds in public health, endocrinology, neurology, and metabolic diseases; and follow-up health professionals with backgrounds in nursing and genetic counseling. We maintain an active research and development program including collaboration with academic consultants and government advisors. Neo Gen Screening offers a variety of testing programs that can meet the needs of your individual patient, clinic, hospital, or region.

Our Supplemental Newborn Screening (SNS) Program includes testing for specific disorders that are not included in state-mandated newborn screening programs. Our Comprehensive Newborn Screening Program includes both our SNS Program and additional screening for disorders mandated by state newborn screening programs. We have Specialty Newborn Screening Programs that are customized to meet individual screening needs. We have a new "High Risk" Clinical Screening and Post-mortem Testing Programs that offer diagnostic services at substantially lower costs that currently available in other laboratories.

We hope our home on the internet provides information with regard to who we are and what services we offer. In addition, we hope to provide information and promote the understanding of inherited genetic diseases which when detected through newborn screening, will lead to early management and treatment of affected infants.

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International Partnerships for Newborn Screening

Providing state-of-the-art screening to infants throughout the world.

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