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Neo Gen Screening Services Brochure

"Neo Gen Screening... The Gold Standard in Newborn Screening"

Our new brochure describes who we are, what services we offer, and a variety of topics providing information about Neo Gen Screening.
- Neo Gen Screening is a comprehensive, state-of-the art screening lab.....
- Genetic disease frequency data at our laboratory
- Annual Neo Gen Screening volume
- Cost / Benefits of Neo Gen Screening Program
- What services we provide in our screening programs.

In addition, we have links to other pages describing the conditions that we test for at Neo Gen Screening, the leader in comprehensive newborn screening services.


Product Brochures

Neo Gen Screening / Cambridge Isotope Standard Sets


Stable Isotope Internal Standards for Neonatal Screening

From the Leader in Comprehensive Newborn Screening Services

Our internal standard sales brochure describes our stable isotope internal standard kits and their contents. Included in our brochure is a list of each internal standard that is included in each kit, the number of samples that can be screened with each kit, and pricing and ordering information.
Together with Cambridge Isotopes, Neo Gen Screening, has produced twenty of the highest quality acylcarnitine and amino acid standards available today.
Each set will provide enough standards for the analysis of approximately 10,000 - 20,000 filter paper blood spots.
Kits are color coded to reduce the possibility of error
In addition, we have a link to our instruction insert on the suggested use of these standards.

Please note:  these are not newborn screening kits, rather they are premixed reagent standards that require validation with unlabeled matched standards by the laboratory purchasing them.

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