Stable Isotope Internal Standards for Neonatal Screening

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Neo Gen Screening and Cambridge Isotope Laboratories have recently produced stable isotope internal standards to meet your needs in the tandem mass spectrometry applications in newborn screening of acylcarnitines and amino acids metabolites. Twenty of the highest quality acylcarnitine and amino acid standards are synthesized and validated for exceptional purity and accurate enrichments. These standards are available in either of 2 kits containing 10 vials of dry standard prepared from premixed, certified solutions of L-amino acids (kit A) or L-carnitine and acylcarnitines (kit B). Our standards are designed to help insure the most accurate analysis of important diagnostic markers in screening today.









Kit A Contents

15N13C-glycine 2H4-alanine 2H8-valine
2H3-leucine 2H3-methionine 2H5-phenylalanine
2H4-tyrosine 2H3-aspartate 2H3-glutamate
2H2-ornithine 2H2-citrulline 2H413C-arginine


Kit B Contents

2H9-L-carnitine 2H3-acetylcarnitine
2H3-propionylcarnitine 2H3-butyrylcarnitine
2H9-isovalerylcarnitine 2H3-octanoylcarnitine
2H9-myristoylcarnitine 2H3-palmitoylcarnitine

Ordering and Pricing Information

Not Available in the United States pending FDA approval

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Donald H. Chace, Ph.D.
Director of Mass Spectrometry
Neo Gen Screening

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Item Description Unit Price
NGS-KitA Amino Acid Kit A $ 1,950.00
NGS-KitB Acylcarnitine Kit B $ 1,950.00
*NGS-VLA 1 ml Vial from Kit A $ 300.00
*NGS-VLB 1 ml Vial from Kit B $ 300.00
**NGS-KAB Dual Kit A and Kit B $ 3510.00
* limited quantities only

All kits (A and B) are sold individually.

Individual vials are not sold separately except by
special arrangement or evaluation

**Price reflects a 10% discount when ordering Dual Kit A and Kit B

Not Available in the US pending FDA approval.

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