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A Partnership in Newborn Screening

February 15, 1999
Neo Gen Screening (NGS) and Yenidogan Turkiye  (Note: Turkish Language Website) have entered into a partnership to provide state-of-the-art newborn screening services in Turkey. In the agreement, Yenidogan Turkiye becomes the exclusive representative of Neo Gen Screening in Turkey for performing newborn screening services and diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism.

Neo Gen Screening is pleased to announce its partnership with Yenidogan Turkiye for newborn screening in Turkey. The mission of this program is to provide state-of-the-art comprehensive newborn screening services, to hospitals and medical centers in Turkey. The program being offered to hospitals in Turkey is similar to our comprehensive newborn screening program and includes tandem mass spectrometry. Hospitals and programs in Turkey interested in the services provided by Yenidogan Turkiye - Neo Gen Screening should contact Dr. And Demir at (telephone in Izmir, Turkey is ( or 24 hour contact at ) or contact us here at Neo Gen Screening for more information.

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